​Quality Control throughout the entire operation is the key to producing and delivering high quality resource to our customers. Coal quality is carefully monitored and controlled during all phases of production and preparation through:

  • Extensive coal quality exploration program built into a geological model;
  • Additional strip samples in Open Cut and Underground if required;
  • On site coal quality laboratory;
  • Ability to effectively separate product types on Product Stockpiles;
  • Options to blend coal at the port if required;
  • Independent coal quality analysis at point of load; and
  • Extensive coal technology and marketing technical support.

These systems ensure that contract specifications are met and uniform quality is maintained. The quality of the insitu coal has been determined by detailed core sampling and analysis. Coal from the underground operation is monitored by an on-line ash sampler analyser as it travels along the coal clearance conveyor system to the surface.

The quality of the saleable product is monitored by an automatic sampler which is located on the conveyor to the product stockpile. The coal in each train is sampled and analysed during discharge at the Port of Newcastle. During ship loading operations the coal is sampled and analysed by an independent and certified superintending company. Stringent coal quality controls ensure that no extraneous matter contaminates the customer's cargos and that the coal delivered meets specified quality requirements

We produce thermal coal which is highly volatile with strong combustion characteristics.  This coal is sold domestically and internationally for use in power generation and general industry use.

The coal we produce is categorized as:
Domestic Grade (22.5% - 25% Ash)  - predominantly Open Cut Coal
Premium Coal (12.5% - 14.5%) – Predominantly Underground Coal
The domestic coal is predominantly sold to local power stations, however some is exported overseas.  All the Ulan Premium Coal is exported overseas.

Our coal is of uniformly high quality, with:

  • excellent handling properties
  • excellent combustion characteristics
  • low carbon-in-ash
  • low sulphur
  • low nitrogen
  • low phosphorus
  • low slagging index
  • low fouling index
  • high ash fusion temperatures
  • ability to maintain full design superheat and reheat steam temperatures at lower loads

Our mining expertise and utilisation of modern technology enables the production of consistent quality coal from a single thick seam.