‚ÄčThe establishment and operation of our Community Consultative Committee (CCC) is a requirement of the Project Approval (08.0184). The aim of the CCC is to provide a formal forum for the interaction between the community, mine management and relevant Government Departments. In March 2011, we formed a new CCC in accordance with the Department of Planning guidelines as part of the new Part 3A Approval; however, we have operated a CCC since 2002 under previous approvals.

The CCC reviews and provides advice on the environmental performance of the development, including any construction or environmental management plans, monitoring results, audit reports, or complaints. The community representatives share information from meetings with the rest of the community and bring back items for discussion at the CCC meetings. There are four CCC meeting held four each year.

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We also conduct other community meetings on a regular basis in accordance with Social Involvement Plan.