24 Hour Emergency Contact Number

1800 647630

Postal Address

Private Mail Bag 3006
Mudgee NSW 2850 

Blasting Notification


Landowners or occupiers of any residence within 2km of the mine's operational area are entitled to be notified about the blasting schedule at the mine.

The Ulan Open Cut is not currently operating so there are no blasts planned.

The Bobadeen Quarry has operated on an as needed basis since 2017. Blast notifications will be sent to those registered to receive the blast notifications. To register, to be removed from the register or for further information please contact the Ulan Coal Environment & Community Department on (02) 6372 5300 or email UlanCommunity@glencore.com.au.  

Community Information Line

We have established a 24-hour community and employee information line (ph: 1800 647 630) and email address (UlanCommunity@glencore.com.au) to:

  • manage complaints received by the us that may be a result of mining and/or associated activities conducted within land owned or managed by ourselves;
  • provide access to open cut blasting information for interested stakeholders; and
  • provide access and incident information to employees during emergency situations.

Ulan Surface Operations

Ph: (02) 6372 5400
Fax: (02) 6372 5415

Ulan West Operations

Ph: (02) 6370 9200 
Fax: (02) 6370 9297

Ulan Underground Operations

Ph: (02) 6372 5300
Fax: (02) 6372 5333