‚ÄčOperations at the complex are carried out in accordance with our Environmental Management Strategy (EMS). The purpose of the EMS is to document and implement the systems and processes which provide the means to apply consistent environmental and community management across the complex; ensure adherence to our statutory requirements and to manage our environmental impacts and regulatory approvals and licences.

The EMS has been developed to guide the implementation and maintenance of environmental management across the complex.

The EMS forms the core of environmental and community management at the complex, and the framework from which our Sustainable Development Management System (SDMS) will be developed.

The EMS provides a structure for effective environment and community management at the Ulan Mine Complex, describing the process for effective planning, communication, documentation, monitoring, evaluation, review and feedback.  Our aim is to maintain and improve upon environmental and community performance, through regular monitoring, review and audits of the EMS to facilitate continual improvement.

The EMS is supported by specific documents, including management plans, procedures, forms and permits and approvals, which have been developed to:

  • satisfy the relevant consent condition requirements of the Project Approval; and
  • to indentify the controls and mitigation measures that are in place to manage the potential SD impacts associated with the operations.

These supporting plans, programs, procedures, forms and permits must be periodically reviewed and updated over the life of the operation in accordance with the Project Approval and our EMS. Also within the framework of the EMS are comprehensive standards, additional management plans, procedures, objectives and targets, which help maintain and continually improve environmental performance. Routine inspections and regular environmental audits are undertaken to assess SD performance against objectives and targets and identify opportunities for improvement.