‚ÄčThe Bobadeen Irrigation Scheme (BIS) was incorporated into our water management system in September 2003. The introduction was in response to our commitment to minimise untreated off-site water discharge.

The operation pumps its surplus mine water from the mine site to a 502 mega litre storage dam located seven kilometres north of the mining operations. Once it reaches the holding dam, the water is then pumped to five centre-pivot irrigators, which irrigate 242 hectares of land planted with vigorously growing perennial pastures.

The pasture is maintained at an optimal level by beef cattle, which graze the pastures under a carefully monitored rotational basis. Internal subdivision fencing has also been erected to manage the movement of cattle between the grazing areas.

We have developed a unique salinity offset programme to ensure there is no net increase in the salinity load in the Macquarie and Hunter River catchment areas.