‚ÄčThe primary objective of rehabilitation and revegetation of the post-mining disturbance areas, in particular the post open cut disturbance area, will be to create a stable final landform with acceptable post-mining land use capability, being self-sustaining native vegetation communities characteristic of the pre-mining composition.

The conceptual final landform has been designed to maintain consistency with the local area and will predominantly consist of an undulating landform reflecting the dominant features of the existing environment. All areas disturbed for mining will be backfilled with overburden, reshaped, covered with topsoil (where available) or an alternative surface ameliorant, prior to revegetation. Elements such as drainage paths, contour drains, ridgelines and emplacements will be shaped in an undulating informal profile, keeping with the natural landforms of the surrounding environment.

The proposed final land use for the post-mining open cut and surface facilities disturbance area aims to emulate the pre-mining environment and will enhance local and regional ecological linkages across the our complex and with nearby areas. The pre-mining land capability within the Ulan Coal Mine area is predominantly Class V, which makes the land suitable for low density grazing (or forestry), but not suitable for cultivation on a regular basis. Land included in these classes is generally flat to rolling with a maximum slope gradient of 25%.